Smart Edison V2.0 Robots

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Meet Edison V2.0, the super affordable, LEGO compatible, programmable robot just got better with the release of version 2.0. The Edison Robot Kit is your stepping stone into the exciting world of science and technology!

What’s new?
Precision Driving – Edison V2.0 has wheel encoders. Wheel encoders allow Edison to travel specific distances at exact speeds. Think of it as cruise control. Edison can now also turn to specific angles (using and drive straight – VERY straight.
Clutch mechanism – Edison V2.0 has a clutch in each gear box that prevents damage to the gears if the wheels are forced around. This means Edison V2.0 is even tougher.

  • More power
  • Longer range obstacle detection
  • Longer battery life
  • A more sensitive clap sensor
  • More programme memory
  • More programming options – Edison’s graphical programming software, EdWare is getting some friends. Meet EdPy, EdBlocks & EdScratch.
  • EdBlocks is a super simple graphical programming language for introducing younger students to programming. EdBlocks is based on Scratch Blocks created by the MIT Media Lab and Google. Check it out here
  • NEW EdScratch is a vertical drag-and-drop block-based system that has been developed using the Scratch Blocks code base developed by the MIT Media Lab from the Blockly code base developed by Google. Check it out here
    EdPy is a Python based programming environment for Edison. It’s FREE, online and the best way we can think of to introduce students to a written programming language. Students can now write programs in Python and see their code come to life in Edison. Check it out here

Why Edison?

  • Affordable
  • FREE open source graphical programming software called EDWare (electronic format only)
  • FREE robotics lesson plans (electronic format only)
  • FREE robotics activity mat (electronic format only)
  • FREE EdBooks (electronic format only)
  • LEGO® compatible
  • Easy to use – suitable for all ages
  • Built to last



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